Jet Security LLC: Security Guard & Patrol Services

Security Guard & Patrol Services

Jet Security LLC: Security Guard & Patrol Services

In need of superior security guard and patrol services in Massachusetts? Jet Security has got you covered

Technology in form of alarms, cameras, among others have brought about remarkable security capabilities. Nevertheless, the need for dedicated human presence can never be overemphasized. At Jet Security, we offer unmatched security patrol services and static guarding that cover a wide variety of objectives. We work together with your security system to give you the best protection strategy available

Why hire us?

Our staff are adequately trained according to industry best practices, and motivated to carry out their duties with a high level of professionalism. We conduct thorough background investigations on each and every worker in addition to an extensive testing process. So, have no fear, you’re in good hands.

Our security guards aren’t just there to apprehend burglars, vandals etc, we go far and beyond to nip security threats in the bud by securing entry and exit points, checking IDs, sales slips, and so much more. Be rest assured that in case of any security threat, our guards are capable of making smart on-the-spot decisions when time is of the essence.¬†We are dedicated to protecting your property, staff, clients, among others, in order to let you have that peace of mind you crave so much.

Our service-focused security guards fulfill a wide range of objectives, which include:

  • Guarding entrances and screening guests/employees
  • Protecting client assets, employees, and guests
  • Regular and unpredictable¬†patrols within the focus area
  • Deterring crime with visual presence
  • Full risk assessment and analysis of your facility
  • Organizing quick response in the case of fire, evacuation, or other emergencies
  • Responding to customer and health emergencies as well as accidents
  • Ejecting unwanted customers or trespassers
  • Assisting tenants, vendors, and other visitors with general information
  • Cooperating with police and city emergency responders to secure life and property