The establishment and retention of a satisfied client base is predicated upon providing exceptional customer service, offering competitive pricing as well as maintaining high quality standards at all times. We at Jet Security, LLC, strive to be regarded as a true partner in our clients’ business; a partner tasked with the unfaltering protection of our clients’ business, assets, and personnel. We respect the depth of our clients’ trust in choosing our firm for security services, and we constantly strive to deliver the most reliable, cost-effective, technologically advanced security services to all who honor us with their business.

Jet Security Offers unarmed and armed security services.fw

Jet Security Offers

• Uniformed or Plain Clothed Security Guards

• Armed and Unarmed Security Officers

• Foot and Mobile Security Patrol

• Special Event Security

Jet Security Serves .fw

Jet Security Serves

• Gated Communities

• Hospitals

• Industries

• Warehouses

• Automotive Dealers

• Schools

• High Rise Buildings

• Apartments

• Churches

• Construction Sites

• Government Buildings/Campuses

• Office Buildings (Small & Large)

• Business Parks

• Strip Malls

• Shopping Centers

• Access & parking lot Control

• Hotels

• Movie Studios

• Restaurants

• Internet Cafes

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