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Armed/Unarmed Security Guards, MA, RI

Security Guard & Patrol Services

Jet Security provides exceptionally well trained, competent, service-focused security guards for all stated objectives of Jet Security, LLC

- To guard entrances and screen guest employees
- To protect client assets, employees, and guests
- To deter crime with visual presence
- To organize response in the case of fire, evacuation, or other emergency
- To respond to customer and health emergencies as well as accidents
- To eject unwanted customers or trespassers
- To assist tenants, vendors, and other visitors with general information
- To liaison with police and city emergency responders

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Armed/Unarmed Security Guards, MA, RI


Armed/Unarmed Security Guards, MA, RI

  • Effective Screening- We utilize the most effective, high quality resources to offer you the very highest caliber security services and protection available anywhere! And we do so at the most competitive rates in the industry.
  • 24 hr. /7 day a week access- Jet Security Services, LLC offers superior quality security service and protection via its staff of highly trained, experienced security personnel, on call whenever the need arises. Of course, our staff is always available for long-term assignments, as well. Whatever your security needs, we are here for you-any time, any place.
  • Customized Security Services- Since every client is unique, we strive to listen carefully to the individual concerns and objectives of each customer. This enables us to craft an optimal security services plan specifically tailored to the client’s needs and budget.
  • Effective Monitor Protocol- We regularly monitor and evaluate guard performance through inspections and audits. In this way, we can maintain optimal client satisfaction and consistently achieve our own high standard of service.
  • The quality and reliability of our security services remains constant, whatever the variables of any situation
  • Our first priority will always remain the complete and total satisfaction of every client, no matter how large or small the assignment



It is a well-established fact that client confidence and trust are of tantamount importance to the success of any security company. A simple background check or credit report does not provide sufficient information upon which to confidently assign an officer to security duties.

At Jet Security, LLC, we apply a thorough, in depth security screening procedure that utilizes the finest available resources available within the industry:

CRIMINAL HISTORY: Utilizing some of the top agencies in the industry, we are able to obtain a historically accurate criminal history of our applicants in virtually minutes. We will not risk our reputation, nor our clients’ time and money employing officers who do not measure up to our exacting standards.

SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY: Since a solitary criminal background check does not meet our requirement for an effective applicant screening, we “double tap” the Sex Offender Registry to assure that our potential employee’s name is not found on this critically important list.

DEPARTMENT OF MOTOR VEHICLE SCREENING: Yet another key component of our exhaustive background check protocol, this step is implemented when we are evaluating security guard candidates who will be required to utilize company vehicles as a salient part of their duties and responsibilities on a particular assignment.

EMPLOYMENT HISTORY VERIFICATION: The employment references and history of potential candidates are carefully verified for accuracy and truth. References are carefully and meticulously checked by contacting each employer listed on the application.

SPECIAL SKILLS OR PERSONALITY SCREENING: This unique screening is utilized if a particular assignment requires the officer to handle special equipment (example: monitors), and if he/she will be tasked with work of a highly technical nature, such as operating or monitoring computers, securing highly-sensitive data, etc. Our protocol involves employment verification of past work of a comparable nature. A key element in this screening involves previous employers’ past-experience (with the officer) certification.

Armed/Unarmed Security Guards, MA, RI

Mission Statement

The paramount goal of Jet Security, LLC, is to provide exceptional security services coupled with outstanding customer service. It is our stated mission to provide these services to all clients through the concerted efforts of highly qualified, competent, effective, and dedicated personnel and management.


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